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Overton Mustangs Band

           It is hard to believe it is already 2nd semester.  We have had a very busy and successful year.  We earned 2-2-1 at marching contest giving us an overall 2 for the first time in years.  We participated for the first time in the National Association of Military Marching Bands (the state marching contest for military bands) and earned an overall 2nd division. 

           In December, we had All-Region tryouts.  Montana Tarkington and Tiffany Hedrick placed in the middle school band.  Daniel Prater made the high school symphonic band and Reagan Hunger made the high school concert band.   Daniel advanced and placed 2nd chair in area which put him in the All-State band.  He also made 2nd chair in the All-State band in San Antonio. 

           In February, we participated in solo and ensemble.  The following middle school students mad 1st division medals on class 3 solos:  NeKila Weir, Alex Brown, Megan Yancy, Montana Tarkington, Tiffany Hedrick, Jordan Williams, Colton Mott-Hayes, Logan Hightower, Sarah Garcia, Heather Boehm, Lila Gurley, Shaun Garcia, Anthony Merritt, and Kadden Williams.  The following students made 1st division medals on class III ensembles:  Montana Tarkington, Tiffany Hedrick, and Jordan Williams on a clarinet trio; Sarah Garcia, Heather Boehm, and Lila Gurley on a trumpet trio.  The following high school students earned 1st division medals on class III solos:  Colton Sullins, Nevaeh Lynch, and Josh Self.  Daniel Prater made a 1st division on a memorized Class I solo and advanced to state.  Daniel Prater, Kiara Mumphrey, Makayla Gurley, Alex Tharp, and Montana Tarkington earned a 1st division on a class I Clarinet choir and are advancing to state.  We also have a number of students studing for the state music theory test which is a college level music theory test given at state.

           Concert/Sight-reading contest is at the end of April and will be held at Bullard High School.  We are beginning play-offs now.  We will begin night rehearsals the Monday after Spring Break.  Night rehearsals will be on Monday nights from 6:30-8 at first.  As we get closer to contest, we will go to 8:30.  We will be have sectionals after school to prepare.