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Overton Mustangs Band

                             The Overton High School Band is hard at work.  We just finished up solo and ensemble where we were very successful bringing back 32 medals, the most in the last 4 to 5 years.  

Middle School:     NeKila Weir and  Lilly Hearon both earned medals on flute solos; Lilly Hearon, Alex Brown, and Megan Yancy earned medals on a flute trio; Abby Carpenter and Alex Tharp earned medals on clarinet solos; Lexi Allison earned medals on clarinet and bass clarinet solos; Abby Carpenter, Alex Tharp, Makayla Gurley, and Montana Tarkington earned medals on a clarinet quartet; Gracie Tabor earned a medal on an alto sax solo; Lilly Ragon earned a medal on a tenor sax solo; Colton Sullens earned a medal on a trumpet solo; Lucas Garcia, Shaun Garcia, and Neveah Lynch each earned medals on euphonium solos; Cheyenne Tubb, Jagger Bay, and Cameron Morrow earned medals on a trombone trio.

High school:  earning first division medals on class 3 solos:  Kaylee Heard (earned 2, one on clarinet and one on bass clarinet); Kyirional Roland on a tuba solo; Gabe Sullens on a tuba solo; earning a medal on a class 2 solo was Anna Jarrell on a euphonium solo; earning first divisions on class 1 solos and advancing to state because they memorized them: Daniel Prater on clarinet and Reagan Hunger on trumpet; earning a first division and advancing to state on a class 1 five brass are Reagan Hunger, Shawn Sartors, Jenny Emmel, Tyler Freeman, and Brandon Allison.  We will also have some go in qualify in theory.  These plus the twirlers who earned first divisions in October will go to state on Memorial day weekend.

                              We are now getting ready  for Concert and Sight-reading Contest which will be in Bullard on April 17, 18, or 19.  We are going for our second straight first division on stage and working hard for a sweepstakes B by making first divisions on stage and in sight-reading.  We will be having play-offs for grades, sectionals to work on the music, and evenually will be having one night rehearsal a week through contests.  All of these are mandatory to be in the contest band and be able to go on the possible trip.  All those who did not do all-region  will be doing chair test.  After chair test, we will start challenges.

                               We will start our fundraiser March 5th .  All these funds go toward the trip in May.  We are trying to go to San Antonio.  If you look in your band handbook it tells you the requirements for being eligible for the trip.  Just because you do the fundraiser does not make you eligible for the trip.  You must meet other requirements. 

                               Thank you for your support.