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Counselor Provides

Individual Counseling: Students may request to see the counselor as needed. To contact the counselor, students fill out a counselor request slip (located outside the counselor's office and in teachers' classrooms) and place it in the tub outside the counselor's office. Teachers and parents can also request individual counseling for a student.

Small Group Counseling: Students may be referred to small group counseling by a teacher or parent. Small groups are offered at various times throughout the school year focusing on various topics, such as: friendship and social skills, anger management, test anxiety, assertiveness, divorce, and grief.

Classroom Guidance Lessons: The counselor visits each grade level throughout the year to provide classroom guidance lessons. This provides an opportunity for students to acquire academic, social, and emotional/personal skills while working with their peers. Topics may focus upon the monthly character trait, anti-bullying, friendship, organization, tolerance, self-discipline, and honesty. 

Consultation: The counselor often collaborates with parents, teachers, and administrators to provide solution-focused interventions and guidance to promote academic success.