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Dual Credit Information

Overton High School has a partnership with Kilgore College to offer Dual Credit college courses to our students through web-based learning courses.  Students must apply to KC and register for Dual Credit courses before August of the upcoming school year and again before January of the Spring semester.   Overton ISD reimburses students for their tuition and textbooks for each college class that they receive a C average or above (passing for high school standards).  

Classes meet in the library for the webcourses through chrome books provided by OISD during certain class periods each day. Students are expected to fulfill all assignments and deadlines on their own while learning to work independently as a college student.  Student attendance each day in the library is supervised by the librarian.  All final course grades, credits, payment reimbursements, and transcripts are managed through the OHS Counselor Mrs. Jackson.  There is no contact between the Kilgore College professors and Mrs. Jackson or any OISD employee.  

To apply to Kilgore College for Dual Credit courses, please begin the process in June for the Fall semester, and in December for the Spring semester.  You must score a 4000 or higher on the English II STAAR test and/or the Algebra I STAAR test or you must take and pass the TSI college entrance exam offered at KC.  Students must also be up to date on their meningitis vaccine (within 5 years) to enroll in a college course.  

For more information on Dual Credit at KC, go to

Dual Credit Courses Currently Being Offered @ Overton ISD​ for Spring 2019

ENGL 1302.W01  Web  English 4

GOVT 2306.W04 Web

HIST   1302.W04  Web US History
MATH 1342.W02 Web College Algebra
HIST 2312 World History