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Head Coach – Trey Ford

Assistant Coach – Stephen Hathaway

Dear Baseball Student-Athlete,

            Before you go any further, you should note that you have chosen to participate in the Overton baseball program.  This is NOT required.  To remain in the baseball program you will have to follow the Overton ISD Athletic Code of Conduct and the simple baseball team rules.  You will also be required to give a maximum effort at ALL times.  That does not always mean only on the baseball field during a game.  That means first and foremost in the CLASSROOM and then at PRACTICE, then it will transfer into the game.  Learn to compete in everything that you do.

            I firmly believe by working hard and doing thing correctly then in the end good things will happen.  Baseball is a team sport, but it is also a sport where individuals battle each other for the benefit of their team.  If you as an individual do not give a maximum effort at all times, you will in effect cost the team. 

            Besides giving a 100% effort daily at practice, workouts, and games, you will also be required to give that same type of effort in the classroom.  There is NO way we can consistently be successful if we are losing athletes to grades.  If you are not doing the job in the classroom, you are indirectly telling me that Mustangs Baseball is not that important to you.  You are hurting the program, and you may be missing out on a tremendous personal opportunity.

            ALL baseball players HAVE to buy into what we as a coaching staff are trying got teach you, and be LOYAL to your coaches, teammates, and this program.  EVERYONE can’t be the superstar, but everyone can give a superstar effort.  Baseball is a skill related sport.  These skills have to be practiced continuously until they become muscle memory.  Being a good athlete, will help in becoming a good baseball player, but you DON’T have to be a good athlete to be a GOOD baseball player.  If you are dedicated hard working, and willing to practice CORRECTLY, and OFTEN you will reach your potential, and you can become a VERY GOOD baseball player.  A GOOD athlete with GREAT work ethics can go ALL the way in baseball. 

            All I ask of you is that you give this program an honest effort. As coaches, we will do everything in our power to have you prepared once game day arrives.  This is our job.  Then at game time, all you have to do is go out and play a fun game.  The only way I have found to truly have fun in athletics, is to be successful.  If you will give an honest 100% effort ALL time, I am confident we will experience consistent team success, and you will also experience personal success. 

            Playing High School Baseball in Overton, Texas should be a tremendous honor.  You have a Tradition to Keep Alive, and this fact should be in the back of your mind everyday at home, school, practice, and every time you put on an Overton Mustangs Baseball Jersey.  What we do NOW, this YEAR, will predict if you KEEP THE TRADITION ALIVE!


These are the words that we will use to describe Overton Baseball this year:



Class is a hard thing to define but once you see it you will never forget it!

We as coaches, players, and parents must alwyas reprensent our school and community with class!


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