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Testing Dates


December 2018 Retests:

English I                         December 3

English II                        December 5

Algebra I, Biology, US History              Week of December 3-7

2019 EOC:

English I                         April 9

English II                        April 11

US History, Biology, Algebra I          Week of May 6-10


Elementary/ Junior High 2019 STAAR Tests

Writing Grade 4th/ 7th               April 9

5th/ 8th Grade Math                   April 9

5th/ 8th Grade Reading             April 10

3rd/ 4th/ 6th/ 7th Math                May 13

3rd/ 4th/ 6th/ 7th Reading          May 14        

5th/ 8th Grade Science              May 15

8th Social Studies                      May 16


Retests for SSI Grades 5th/ 8th and EOC Tests

5th/ 8th Math                             May 13                                   June 25

5th/ 8th Reading                        May 14                                   June 26

English I                                   June 24                                  December 3

English II                                  June 26                                  December 5

US History, Biology, Algebra I          Week of June 24-28            Week of December 3-7


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