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Academics - STAAR

STAAR Tests for the Spring 2020 school year were waived.  No student will ever be required to take the exam from that grade-level year if it was their first attempt at the test.  Any student who had previously failed a test and was scheduled for a retest (English I, English II, Biology, US History, or Algebra I), will still be required to retest in Decmber 2020. 

STAAR Testing for 2020-2021

Everything there is to know about your child’s Standardized grade-level exam in the State of Texas is right here at

The State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) is required by all Texas students.  Learn more by logging in above.  For more information, contact Mrs. Jackson or your principal Mr. Hogg. 


6th graders will take the STAAR tests including Reading and Math

7th graders will take the STAAR tests of Reading, Math, and Writing

8th graders will take the STAAR tests including Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies  < < <  Must pass the Reading and                 Math tests to be promoted to 9th grade.

High School ‘5 STAARS’ include Algebra I, US History, Biology, English I and English II

Texas High School Graduation Plan > > > Foundation High School Plan began in 2014-15 for incoming 9th graders.  

Click here for the Graduation Toolkit for parents and students.  


Overton is now a certified TSI Testing Center.  For more information on this college entrance test please refer to the ‘College Prep Information’ Page. 

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