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Irena Hedrick

Hello, Mustang Families!


My name is Irena Hedrick, and I am privileged to work as the district librarian of the Overton ISD libraries. 

I belong to the generation that had to spend time in various libraries on my quest for resources for high school and college assignments. Libraries have always fascinated me! Thanks to the modern technologies, access to those resources is now available through computer networks, and we can complete an entire college program online! It is amazing, how much technology has changed the way we work, study and live. One of my greatest desires as a librarian is to help students prepare for this ever-changing world and to develop curiosity for learning and adaptability in the midst of these rapid developments. My previous work as a high school business and technology teacher provides me with a valuable insight in the demands of college and career readiness. 

Career and college readiness goes beyond the academics and begins at the early childhood level. A successful individual needs to develop social and emontional skills, also oftentimes reffered to as soft skills, that make him/ her a valuable member of his/ her community. That is why it is so exciting to be a part of the Choose Love program, taught at Overton ISD. Among the pillars of the program are developing the qualities of courage, forgiveness, gratitude and compassion in our students. At the library, we incorporate this vision as we explore the heritage of works created before us, and employ our creativity in making works of our own. 

Our library program is growing to meet the schools’ challenge to equip students for life after graduation. We are also looking into introducing new exciting events that may just become traditions in the years to come, particularly at the secondary library. Our hope is to grow students’ interest in various library activities that will extend students’ learning beyond the classroom and will ultimately prepare them for life after graduation. 

This year, we welcome two new library staff members – Mrs. Jamie Plunkett, our elementary library tech, and Mr. Thomas Hedrick, our secondary library tech. They bring years of experience both in education and in other industries. Visit our district library page for online resources, updates and to access our online library catalog. Watch a 4-minute tutorial on finding and reserving your books at the library by clicking here

I am looking forward to this school year and to working with our young future professionals and world-changers! 

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