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Red Ribbon Week Dress Up Schedule

October 29—”DRUG FREE & PROUD” (wear red)

October 30—”HATS OFF TO A DRUG FREE LIFE STYLE” (wear your favorite hat)

October 31—”SCARE AWAY DRUGS” (wear school code appropriate Halloween costumes)




Homecoming Dress-Up Days for Elementary

October 15 - “Team Up Against the Tigers” (wear your favorite team’s jersey or shirt)

October 16—”Sock it to the Tigers” (wear crazy socks)

October 17—”Our Future’s so Bright We Gotta Wear Shades” (wear sunglasses)

October 18—”We Can’t Hide our Pony Pride” (wear green and white)

October 19—HOMECOMING SPIRIT DAY!!! (wear green and white)/Homecoming    


Overton ISD security update


OISD wants to remind all visitors to our campuses that you must go immediately to the office of the school you wish to visit to get a visitor's pass.  When you leave, you must return to the office and give the secretary your visitor's pass.


Each of the main buildings (elementary, middle school, high school) will have only one door for visitors to enter and exit.  No one will be allowed in or out of the other doors. 


OISD understands that this may create some inconvenience for some, but we must have a way to monitor who is in the building at all times.


Thank you for your understanding and your help in keeping our students safe.









Pre K – 3rd grade school supply list 2018-2019

4th and 5th grade school supply list 2018-2019

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